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7th International Conference ICOH : OH Education and Training for Everyone Everywhere logo

du 15 au 16 septembre 2005

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Lieu : Council of Europe –-FRANCE, Strasbourg

Organisme : ICOH - International Commission on Occupational Health
Site web :

Description : Teaching is one of the most important keys of individuals and societies' development: individual right to continuous personal development (CPD)is in this way widely accepted. In order to respond to the increasing need of constant updating and permanent improvement of knowledge, life long training, an actual concept, is built up on development, generalization and systematization of CPD and continuous education.

The aim of this congress is to contribute towards a better international understanding of the nature and the field of Occupational Health and of the common right of each and every one to education as declared in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Knowledge evolution on OH and of the current world requires strengthening distance learning by using new technology of information and communication. Risks assessment practice, an essential approach to health impairment prevention, goes necessarily through interdisciplinary training. A particular attention will also be given to women''s work, whose promotion here again, goes through education.

Strasbourg is at the heart of Europe at only a few kilometres away from European cities such as Paris, Brussels, Luxemburg, Munich, Berlin, Lausanne, Zurich or Milan. In September, Strasbourg, which is one of the European Capitals, will be at its very best. You will thus be able to walk alongside the “Petite France” area, by the flowery windows and the “winstubs” which are our local pubs, and fully enjoy the Alsatian gastronomy and way of life.

At last, the European Council which welcomes us, is going to introduce you to the very heart of life in Europe, its administrative and decisional roots. It is also an opportunity to have a look at the European Parliament and the European Court of Human Rights which are settled in the same area.

I am looking forward to welcoming you all for this important international meeting. I wish you a very pleasant and enthusiastic congress.

Pr Alain CANTINEAUICOH Vice-President Organizing Committee’s President

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Thème(s) : Médecine - santé
UNT(s) : UNF3S
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