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Forum on Food Science and Society
du 21 au 22 mai 2010

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Lieu : Amphitheater “Guy Ourisson", of Institute of Chemistry, Strasbourg

Organisme : JSPS - Japan Society for the Promotion of Science
Site web :

Description : -1st Joint Forum of the German and French JSPS Alumni Associations, JSPS Bonn and Strasbourg Offices-

Food is one of the most basic physiological needs of humans. It is a prerequisite for sustaining life, developing and performing daily actions – its relevance exceeds its importance as our energy source.

The need of nutrition led to the development of systems for production, distribution, preparation and consumption of food, embracing practically all aspects of social interaction. Cuisine forms a major part of peoples’ lifestyle, constitutes social relations and serves to express feelings, attitudes and philosophy.

The intention of this Forum is to discuss this major topic from a multidisciplinary scientific point of view. Invited speakers form three different countries will present selected results of their research to generate a comprehensive understanding. They will also shed light on the cultural distinction of how to deal with the subject food. Beginning with a general overview on food science and culture, the Forum will encompass the following research fields:

Philosophy, Society and Politics: Food is embedded in a vast array of cultural beliefs and practices. Food-related practices are determined by a wide range of forces, such as ecological, economical, political or religious ones.

Medicine, Nutrition and Safety: Dietary habits and diseases (heart disease, cancer, or obesity) are observed in epidemiologic studies in many countries. Today’s freedom in food choice has been accompanied by new drawbacks for health and also environment. The use of chemical additives and other substances in food production can increase the risks for consumers’ health.

Development of Food and Taste, Cuisine, Cooking and Art: Transition of dietary customs due to various aspects like availability, climate or lifestyle is involved in this process. Historical development of local cuisine and the art of cooking versus growing globalization of food culture and art will be discussed. Multiculturalism is an increasing feature of the culinary scene in contemporary Japan, Germany and France.

This Forum will be the 1st Joint Forum of the German and French JSPS Alumni Associations, JSPS Bonn and Strasbourg Offices bringing together French, German and Japanese scientists from different faculties and experts and an opportunity for discussions and exchange on “Food Science” and “Food Culture”.

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Thème(s) : Chimie
Voir la conférence


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