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E-Learning regions and cities 2004 logo

du 17 au 18 mai 2004

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Lieu : La Rochelle, La Rochelle

Organisme : EIfEL - European Institute for E-Learning
Site web :

Description : Retransmis en différé le 18 et 19 mai
The rise of a knowledge economy and society, made possible by the ubiquitous presence of information technologies, presents a major challenge to our traditional approach to education & training: how can we assure the quality of (e)learning services while simultaneously encouraging the innovation required to create a “knowledge Europe”?
Quality learning in a knowledge economy
The contribution that e-learning can make to the development of learning regions and cities has scarcely begun to be explored. As regional and local authorities play an increasingly important role in policies for education and life long learning, the evolution of knowledge, information and learning technologies offers new opportunities that demand a new vision, new skills and new models that will represent a radical departure from traditional ones.
Equip yourself with the right concepts, tools and methods to enable you to make a difference to your organisation, your community, and your region.
Objectives and Outcomes
The objective of the conference is to bring together practitioners from the public and private sectors, researchers, and policy makers, in order to address the key issues of quality and (e)learning, and attempt to draw a roadmap for future developments, while setting the scene firmly in the context of learning regions:
E-learning: how to maximise the use of knowledge, information and learning technologies to develop a knowledge Europe? How can we develop e-learning regions and cities? Is there a place for local and regional initiatives and players in a global market? What are the benefits for citizens in this new context?
Quality: what quality models in a knowledge economy and society? What responsibilities for regions, cities and public authorities in assuring quality to learning individuals, organisations and communities? How to reconcile innovation and quality assurance?
This conference will provide the opportunity for benchmarking initiatives and policies (within and beyond Europe), exchanging with experts and practitioners on current and future development, networking with other professionals to establish plans for future projects. It will also mark the first step of a larger project involving many different European regions in a plan for Supporting Excellent in E-Learning (SEEL).

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Thème(s) : TICE
UNT(s) : Transversal, UNISCIEL
Voir la conférence


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